damn!! it’s so boring!! i am so bored!! this is my 2nd day in clayton… and i have been spending my days at home facing the laptop… nothing better to do man~~

all i could do here is grocery shopping, then playing with the kitchen… hahaha… but too bad, my AUNTIE-COUSIN came back edi and she kept blablabla… alamakz!! worse than my mom lar TAY YONG YUAN!! hey, you can be my mom’s best friend edi… but maybe she doesnt wanna friend you though, coz you are more AUNTISH than her~~ hahahahahaha…

haiihzzz… hopefully that i can work everyday to keep my life busy here… and today is only TUESDAY!! duh~~ wednesday another boring day… then it will be THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY!! yea… that i can work!! woooohoooo~~ i love working… the time FLIES~~~

yea… maybe later i will go out to buy something… buy what leh? haiihzz… buy for SOME PEOPLE lor!! especially the TWO people… hey… WM + ZS: really hard to buy your things lar…!!! dont know what to buy~~ hahaha… and i have bought for WH + CL edi~~~ but not both of you~~ alamakzzz!! *headache*

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