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i heard this story this morning and everyone was laughing till the max~~!!

there was this girl, she thought of giving her parents a surprise by going home SECRETLY, so she took the train back from KLIA to KL sentral then asked her friend to pick her up from there… she was so excited to be home and she brought so many HAND LUGGAGES!! and when her friend saw her with all her HAND LUGGAGES, her friend LAUGHED and came up with a question ‘where is your LUGGAGE?’ there came the funniest part… then only she noticed she forgot to collect her luggage!!! *dumb* then her friend would have to fetch her all the back to KLIA to collect them…

after that 2 of them went to have dinner… and guess what did she see while they were having dinner? hahahah… she saw her parents there as well~~ that was the surprise she gave to her parents…

haha… but i am not going to reveal her identity~~ kekekeke~~

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erm… ok… the conclusion is…
this girl is too blur till she forgot to collect her luggage in KLIA till she gotta go back from KL SENTRAL to KLIA again to collect it

ericca is still in aus… perhaps one of her friends. haha… i did this before (the surprise part, not forget luggage part 😛 ).

had my friends picked me up from klia and went to see gf the next day. 🙂

eeeee… who is joy ar?

fred: i wanted to do that for this time too… but too bad that i am going back with my cousin now, nomore surprise!!

haha =D
my cousin came back 1 week earlier from the date she told everyone here… but i know lar…
then she went Cameron ‘pak tor’ with his bf…
then, only she go back…

hahaha… wah play surprise.. not bad too.. next time i should try.. i usually come back and go out lepak just right after that…. my dad always scold me.. just come back then want to “lan kai” already… =P

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