I am so happi!!!

WHY pyy is so happy? because 2day the school closed man!!!because of the snow storm!!!and shit my car became ice cube because it rains at the beginning and then snow!!!all the water became ice on my car!!! I cant even open my door holly shit!!!somemore i PK!!! the floor is so slippery!!argh is freaking cold over here somemore need to go 2 work !!!!i scrab my car for 30 min only can go 4 a drive!!!snow season has came!!!wahhaha PYY can drift oledi!!!juz done a drift in my school parking lot!!!somemore the cctv recorded everything!!hopefully the police wont knock my door by tomolo morning!!my U even got their own police station n the police is freaking free 1 police all around the school!!!juz found out Alicia key is freaking pretty but she gets fat in the mtv awards!!!oh ya 4got to tell u guys i got my car finally wahhaha is honda integra later i will post the pic!!!i lost my digicam charger!!!duno wheres the axxhole been to!!!oh yeah a good news for the chinese !!! CHINA special force juz won the competition against the USA SEAL team!!!wowowow!!chinese rocx!!!the school networking is damn tight!!! a little bit also banned!!!banned edonkey. bit torrent, kazaa, ftp server, starcraft on9, apa pun banned!!!gonna take comp course nex sem n screw the school server!!!lol….i mizzed the food in malaysia man!!!ericca so siok can makan all malaysian food, no wonder getting fat!!wahahha!!allalaa, got an exam later at 8am!!!gonna study!!!n now is 5am!!!wowowow c ya guys happy belated christmas n new yr!!!!n best wishes 2 all the tsunami refugee!!!oh yeah, my boss say if i m a gal i will look sexy wtf is tat!!!

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dude, freezing rain ain’t funny… i have seen someone drifted away a whole new celica away. (rolled down the hill)

enjoy the cold… eventually you’ll miss it later in life. (i miss my daily 30 min shovel and scrap)

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