Feeling SICK…

damn, i am feeling so sick since yesterday, no energy at all… the only think i feel like doing is… to lie on the bed~ WHY WHY WHY, this is the 2nd time falling sick since i came back edi! dengzzzz…

even someone called me yesterday telling me that he was so sadz and he even asked me to find him yesterday else i would never see him again… it’s pretty scary… but i could do nothing!!i was sick!! then i told him that i would find him today… but then too bad again, i am still very sick… duh~ gotta FFK him again… but then it’s kinda releasing since that he still sms-ing me… HE IS STILL ALIVE!! yeah~~

when i was watching some dont-know-what-program screening on tv… house phone rang so i picked up… was very surprised that someone was calling my house phone to look for me… hmm… usually people calling handphone nowadays… further more, the voice was not that familiar at all… the conversation went like this:

guy: ericca please…
me: yea, i am.
guy: you are back?
me: yes.
guy: how long edi?
me: long time ago. who are you?
guy: XXXXX, still remember me?
me: yea.
guy: what are you doing?
me: sleeping.
guy: ok then, not gonna disturb you.

then i just hang up the phone and got back to my tv~ well, i seriously couldnt find a reason to continue the conversation between us… no point at all… and i was so surprised that he actually called my house phone instead of handphone… probably because that i didnt reply any of his sms before, so he thought that i had changed my number? oh well… PAST IS PAST…

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