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usually i dont like Private Number calls!! especially when there is a missed call and i cant track back the caller or it is someone like the following case… *but, sometimes private number caller is a NICE ONE, because… it’s my MOMMIE!!* yea… overseas calls are all under private number calls…

well… last morning, there was this private number called me 4am in the morning while i was sleeping!! so i answered thought that it was my mom… but then no one was speaking, in fact no sound at all, so i just hung up… and this fella called again and again… after a few times, i decided to set my phone to silent mode and off to continue my sleep… then when i woke up in the morning i saw 6 missed calls!! what the fark~~~

last night, or should i say this morning, 5am… this fella called again… i answered once, nobody talking, hung up, silent it, sleep… and the same thing i saw 1 missed call in the morning… well… i seriously dont know who is this… i even wonder whether he/she/it is a human or non-human!! *hmmmmm…*

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hi ericca,

actually it happened to me before as well… some anonymous and stupid calls came to my phone when i was sleeping at the dawn

and here i would like to provide a solution for you

1. switching your handset to the silent mode
2. connecting your handset with the handfree
3. turning on the automatic answer function through the menu
4. then go and sleep

if that stupid bastard calls you again, your mobile will start automatically answering his/her call without your knowledge, meaning that you can have a sweet dream without any interruptions whilst all stupid calls will be at the bastard’s expenses (because of the automatic answer function)

by the way, if that bastard calls you during the daytime and his anonymous (masked) number interrupt your daily life, you might try to call your mobile service provider to block all ‘anonymous’ or ‘masked’ calls

alternatively, you can route your mobile and drop all ‘anonymous’ calls, provided your mobile supports this sophisticated function 🙂

good luck,
graham (the real one!!!)

ps. by the way, do you know who uses my name to spam on your site? 🙁

dear ericca,

i checked out the netstat web site just now and i found it both your and mine site meters are being spammed now 🙁



message to that spammer:

we dun know you at all and would be greatly appreciated if you can stop spamming on our net meters and our blog sites

please do drop me a line on msn messenger: if you are disgruntled with me, thanks

by the way, it will be pretty appreciated if you can stop using my name to spam on others’ cyber possessions. you simply dun have that authority to use my credit to perform any tasks to others 🙂


graham… so sad that i cant use any of the above… i cant silent my phone… as someone might call me when they need me… and… i cant block private number calls as well… friends and family are still calling me under private number…

hi ericca,

regarding your issue, i guess you should encourage your family members and mates (pretty australian style :p) using skype instead of long distance calls, not only it avoids “masked” or “anonymous” calls but also helps you to save a lot on your phone bills 🙂

if you cannot put your handset on the silent mode, then i guess you might choose to answer incoming calls if they can be found from your phone book and ignoring other calls

dun worry too much about your incoming calls, if people want to find you, they will and eventually will reach you, including your love 🙂


just ask the caller about his/her ancestors…

as for the spams using the name of graham, they were from 2 IP pools (61.10.7.* and 222.166.160.*), both pools belong to

it has spammed xettieboard numerous times yesterday and i’ve banned that 2 IP pools permanently.

dear godess,

i am disappointed with the statement you made on friday, march 25, 2005

first off, i have been knowing ericca for almost two years through msn messenger nevertheless we never chat with each other vis-Ã -vis. in fact, i dun even know her phone number (for both her home phone and her mobile) then how to give her “anonymous” calls?

in addition, i have been working in hong kong since january 2005, i suppose this will be a pretty difficult task for me to give her “anonymous” calls whilst i am in hong kong cuz i dun have time, money and energy to do so

second off, my computer is armed with IDS, anti-virus and firewall, this is impossible for my computer to generate spam to ericca’s site. in fact, if you check the net state web site on today, you will know that several people’s net meters have been spammed for no reasons for the last 48 hours

in addition, this is expensive to generate spam to ericca’s site (and mine too) since i will be liable to pay for all outbound traffic

third off, i have no ideas if you have stayed in melbourne or not, melbourne is such a nice place and i have been staying in australia throughout its different places for the last eight years. melbourne city is one of the most civilised and advanced cities in australia. we admit that, several rape, robber and murder cases had been happened or discovered last month but they were mainly happened in ACT and NSW

“Melbourne, a place to be” 🙂

in addition, let me remind you that this is illegal to bring weapons (even for defense purposes) when you are in melbourne, i guess ericca might consider to bring a torch, mobile and digital camera if she thinks necessary

i would like to make no comments on your comments except disappointment

finally, just in case you are in doubt about my ip address, i am sending this message via icable hong kong through one of its routers 61.10.0.x

graham (aka yue chung)

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