Shuji Sushi~

it’s the 3rd day i worked in Shujiu Sushi~~ and it’s getting more and more fun working there…

today, when i was chatting with the workmates there, was SO DAMN SURPRISED about many things… at first, i was told that this guy Ah Chuan is 32 years old this year while i thought that he was only around 25… *1st madness*… then later a while, i was told that this guy Michael is in my uni doing same major… *2nd madness* then suddenly this guy jeff told me that he is in my JAPANESE class too, and we havent met each other before… hahahaa… *3rd madness* then later on… also knowing that they are staying in footscray too!! *4th madness* then we started exchanging msn and phone number… ahahhaha

then, i off work together with ah chuan today, so that we left together and then he told me that i could actually travel by a BUS from footscray to city!!! arrgggh… so that i can use CONCESSION fare…!! that’s so cool~~ *hooray*

on the way home, we started chatting and AGAIN surprises came along… he told me that he is having 2 MASTERS now!! *impressed* he took his engineering master in taiwan and then he came to melbourne to do his accounting master… wahlaoo… this guy really… hardworking and he LOVES to study… he is waiting to get his australian citizenship so that he will continue studying using government’s money!! *SALUTE* then when he was telling me where he lives, i heard him saying ‘beside KFC’… i went like WTF, footscray got kfc meh!! coz i had been searching and i didnt manage to find it till i had to suffer from dialing HAVEN’s pizza and McD… so yea, he then showed me the way and he invited me to his place… hey, it’s a cool place!! and also with a PS2… i was there playing with his PS2 for HOURS man!! really cool and nice with the wirless controller and also GUN~~ i played time crisis ler~~ and also this dont know what game, i cleared 2 stages in less than an hour and i even reached the area in stage 3 which he hadnt seen before!! wakakkakaka… he was so impressed and kept saying i GENG~~ lalalalallaa~ *proud*

and then… around 9pm, finally i decided to go home, and went to grab a tvb series from him before i left… hahahahaha… then i called puishan to come over to fetch me… when i told puishan that i was in ah chuan’s place, she went like HARRRHHH… she was so shocked, as it was only my 3rd day working there and puishan was the one who worked there earlier than me and she was the one who introduced me there… she was so blur when knowing that our relationship went so close… hahahaha…

at the same time, ah chuan went to kfc to buy his dinner too, but then i thought of going home to eat the chicken porridge, so didnt follow… but who knows… i found that the porridge spoilt edi~~ *arrrgg* then asked puishan to bring me to KFC again… and who knows… CLOSED edi~~ haiihzz… gotta stick to McD again… and this ah chuan forgot to tell me that kfc closing at 10pm!! Duh~~

on the other hand, Michael is considering to join me doing the Spanish course during winter too~~ yea yea yea, i have got a partner *hopefully* and also a BIG THANK to Jeff… he gave me so many hints for tomorrow’s jap test!! wakakkaka… just too cool having all these workmates… =)

*foooooh* what a long entry~~

5 replies on “Shuji Sushi~”

aiks !!! didnt know tat u started working dee … *sweat*

didnt tell me when we were chatting in msn also =(
i hope u enjoy ur work lar !!!
but gotta pay attention at ur studies too !!!
gonna graduate in few months later, dun stay back oh !!!


wah… lu this siaoz girl~~ i just updated only wor!! look at the time stamp!! i updated at 1.45.50 and you commented at 1.49… GENG!!

yea, just started only lar… coz dont know people want me or not, so mar didnt mention lor… if kena fried very fish leh~~ yes, need to study also, that’s why i am only working ONCE a week~ aahahahaa…

hahhahaa… hayanna… hmmm… hmmm… should be kinda CUTE but not HOT… hahahahah…

zoe… YES!! enjoy working!! it’s real fun!! i rather to work there everyday instead of studying everyday~~ ahahahhahaha…

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