Happy 01062005

Prove that, I AM HAPPY!! =)

my japanese test was not bad… i believe i could score that paper…

first time playing TAB, something like those ‘horse racing machine’ in malaysia, but in here, they race DOGS… i bet on 3 and 7 initially and 2bucks each, but then the cashier told me that the mininum bet is 5 bucks, so that i added another number 12… and she knew that i was a NEWBIE, so she taught me how to play… and then… number 12 won!! hahahahaaha… that’s lucky i must say… and the HIGHEST winning odd was number 12!! and yea, for the 2bucks i bet on, i won 70bucks~ =P and the cashier got a shocked by showing her *估你不到-look* when i gave her the ticket to withdraw my winning… kekekeke

yeay!! i got back my tax law assignment!! the one that i didnt manage to VOMIT that many words requested… and hey, i am satisfied with the result!! better than what i expected!! =)

usually i bring 3 phones with me all the time, 2 australian networks and 1 digi network… and usually i silent both the australian phones when i am in class but not the digi one as it seldom rings… today’s lecture, suddenly it rang with the LOUD Jolin’s 说爱你’s mp3… i went like *WTF* and quickly rejected it and turned it to silent mode… after 5 seconds, calling AGAIN!! rejected… but wondering in mind, who was calling as only ‘private number’ was shown…

then after a while, the phone vibrated, it’s sms!! it’s a sms with only the number but without the NAME, meaning it’s a number which not in my phonebook… but, i could easily recall the owner of this number!!!! yea, someone kinda IMPORTANT, but i deleted him as i thought i was no longer important to him and he wouldnt contact me anymore…

it’s really really really a big surprise to me!! he called and smsed me today!! he even scolding me for being M.I.A, and also not looking for him when i was back last year… actually i did think of calling him at that moment, and thought of meeting him as well… but i didnt dare, thought that he already forgotten about me… =)

but at least, today… i know that he still treats me as a FRIEND!! haahaha… but he only thinks of me ONCE A YEAR~ =P but hey, that’s enough to make me happy for the whole night i guess… and also smsing throughout the whole lecture… hahahahahah~~

alright… SOME people might know who he is… *W*E*G*E*N*E* (WJ)=) and also i have a journal about the story between me and him here at Zorpia… i wrote that journal a year ago man!! and updated just now…

Hence, I AM HAPPY =)

5 replies on “Happy 01062005”

i just read that old entry.. urm.. i have to say that you’re very daring and brave.

i don’t think i would do so much for a guy..

but heck it, you’re happy with it and that’s the most important thing!

congratz that you’re happy!

haahahaha… daring and brave? in what sense eh…?

but i agree that i have done SO MUCH for GUYS that i like… =) but they dont appreciate it…

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