Slap Me Please…

PLEASE SLAP ME!! you are allowed to do so!! in fact, you are REQUIRED to do so!! *arrrggghhhhh*

i had my last test today from 11am to 1pm… and then i went to study in a classroom with puishan and alice… then after that went home and had dinner then we drove down to melb uni’s law library to continue studying…

till now, 1150pm… i am back at home… and suddenly… *SCREAM*


i forgot to attend the tutorial class from 3pm to 4pm!!!!!!! damn!! it’s the LAST tutorial class for auditing and the tutor promised to give TIPS!!! *OH MY GODZZZZZZZZZZ*

i am off to DIE…

7 replies on “Slap Me Please…”

if you give up like that just because you didn’t attend a tips giving session… then you deserved to be slapped. *slap*

never give up!

*slap slap slap*
but understood..i’m that forgettful too..
*muack muack muack*
not to worry, uh…….maybe u can copy the notes or ask for tips or whatever who had attended the tuition classes. 😉

then kao zi ji…… prove to urself u can pass even without tips…… who knows u r goin to pass with flying colours….? So gambatte baby!

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