New Bag…!!

a tiring sunday… woke up early at 11am *so early* today just to get myself prepared to Brandsmart to do some shopping… it’s not a short trip, alice and i took 1+ hour to reach there! i was hoping to get something nice, especially nice HEELS!!!

but too bad… *haiihzz* but at last, i bought a SUPER CHEAP bag from esprit!! ahahhaha… well, maybe it’s not very useful as it’s a small one, and it’s kinda fragile, must handle with care… but still worth it for its price man!! its original price was 10bucks, after 50% discount became 5bucks, then today was the fathers’ day special additional 20%… in conclusion, i got this bag for only 4bucks!! wakkakakakakaka… alice got a bigger one though, a nicer color, AQUA… but only the big one =( hers also very cheap!! from 30 -> 15 -> 12!!!

my dearly cousins invited me to have yummie dinner in clayton… got lamb chops wor… *saliva dripping* but then… haiihzz… dowan lar, better be a good girl for few weeks first lar… at least, be consistent on my diet plan!! cousins, i will be back for the lamb chops SOON!!!! wait for me!!!!

my new pinkie bag…

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