Mommie’s Fine…

Hey Hoh~~!! mommie is fine now!! she didnt go for any operation though, just by eating some medicines… which is good!! finally she is back at home~~ which is good also, so that i can call her cheaper!! wakakkakakakaka… calling landline is cheaper than calling mobile though~


my side, how come i am still like a PIG while i already eat like an ANT…? *which means my size still BIG while i eat very little* and i do some LIL exercise too!! iiiisssshhhh… does this mean that i am not supposed to go on diet…? as i am already meant to be FATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT since the first second i landed on this earth…? deng deng deng deng… it really sounds like i still dont lose weight even only drinking WATER!! and thus this proves me right by saying –> water is fattening!! =P

okokok… accept the truth lar!! i can never be a non-fat-pig, in fact, there is no SKINNY PIG in the world… well well well… and i dont mind people calling me a FEI JU *fat pig* or a FEI POH *fat lady*… but… not any other living things… especially FEI H@I *fat crab*!!!

3 replies on “Mommie’s Fine…”

Yayy..!! Yee Ma is fine, very happy! We have to all take care of our health, good health = good wealth. good health = ‘fook hei’.
Take care cuz.

jie… let’s make a celebration!! but one month later… =P let me at least TRY to diet for a month first… hahahahahahahahahahah…

bobo… too bad lar… you already helped… kekekeke

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