I wanna SPANK n305er!!

thankiew so much for the TAG!! and i hate you n305er!! dont tag me anymore!! |-|

Seven things you plan to do before you die :

@ Wanna get myself a LOVELY family
@ Wanna get myself my very own DREAM CAFE

@ Wanna travel around the world
@ Wanna hug POLLAR BEAR

@ Wanna tell everyone that i hurt… “I’M SORRY”
@ Wanna tell everyone that i love… “I LOVE YOU”

@ Wanna get dressed up prettily and die prettily

Seven things I could do :

@ I could eat less
@ I could lose more weight

@ I could study more
@ I could get better results

@ I could be a better person
@ I could stop falling for the wrong person

@ I could be what i wanna be

7 Celebrity crushes :

@ 7 x NONE!!

7 often repeated words :

@ ma-de
@ duh

@ fark
@ ahahahahahaha

@ baka
@ diuz

@ bah

*ei… sounds like all BAD words… hahahaha… =P*

7 physical traits I look for in the opposite sex :

@ Baby face
@ Baby fat

@ Huggable tummy
@ Big hands

@ Kissable lips
@ Spankable ass

@ FRENCHABLE TONGUE!!!! *very important*

7 tags goes to: *this is very the headache, sorry people*

@ Zoe
@ CupidCupid

@ Bobo
@ Veron

@ Joyce
@ Dai

@ Hayanna

FINALLY DONE!! n305er, you better watch out!!



stop sending those WEIRD WEIRD and SCARY SCARY messages to me ok!! it’s very the scary!! suddenly ‘very sad’ suddenly ‘take good care’ suddenly ‘gtg, love ya’… wahlaoo… what is this lar friend!! just chill lar!! everything will be fine soon… friend-friend mar…

and YOU, YOU ALL, the 4 of you!! better go to visit my mom ASAP!! visit her on my behalf wor… else how to be qualified to be my FAMILY buddies eh… =P

12 replies on “I wanna SPANK n305er!!”

…ericca…u r so hot….n i saw part of ur blog which said about u fat n ugly….who said dat wor??Want me whack that person ar???

u so chun la……..darn… im qulified la for the requirements for the opposite sex part..hehhee..but the french thingy ahahaha….i cant tell la…hehehe….ppl muist find out ma…bleks…

anyway me from LYN….

if he still send those scary message after you tell him dont send then dont bother lah . no use worry a person who dont listen

omg !!!

why tag me ??? *sob sob*
cos u know i visit ur blog often ???
erm, i shud visit ur blog not so often then …

Blek !

aiks, nebo …

u got kissable lips meh ???
who said tat u have frenchable tongue eh ?
say no use, muz show !!!

*wink wink*

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