House House House, Where Are You…

oh my godzzz… this is getting irritating… at first, it’s already very hard to find a 4 rooms house… but then now is getting even more complicated with this one MAYBE not staying, then that one’s brother MAYBE coming… wahlaoo… how lar like this… *pengsan*

it seems like everyone is not sure with it… i feel like not wanna think of it edi… how i wish that i can PASS all this semester so that i need not to go to uni next semester and so that i can stay as far as i can… i can even move to SANCTUARY LAKES!! or PORT PHILIP to stay beside the beach… or i can be a BACKPACKER, backpacking around… or maybe i can stay in my cousin’s garage… or maybe i can even stay in KL!!!! aiskkkzzz… but… results… *worried*

GIVE ME A HOUSE LAR!!!! ish~~~

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