Happy 2006

happy new year everybody~~~~ it will be a brand new year with all good things coming to us~~~ *yeay*

i had a new year’s eve BBQ at wayleong’s place, with quite a few of us there, it was like a lil gathering… after a while, ken called and asked to go thai club… well… i thought of joining for fun so i asked him to come to fetch me although he didnt know the way… but then, when he was on the way, i had no mood to go edi, but but but he already on the way… haiihzzzz… what to do… it’s proven that i change mind damn fast…

well, finally he managed to pick me up… and my soul was still hanging around in wayleong’s house… aisehhh… feeling damn guilty though thinking of the past 2 new year’s eve that we spent together… *sorrie lar my BUDDIES, somebody damn dulan* hahahahahhaaha… =P

we were stucked in the jam… but still managed to get there early at 1130pm… but… all his friends were still on the way… both of us damn chamz, sitting at a corner dreaming… even when people counting down to new year and when people looking at the fireworks in the sky, we were still moodless sitting there looking at the air…

well well well, it’s not a good start for a new year lor… things didnt go smooth… haiihzz…

till 1am, finally his friends were there… but when we got in, it was so damn packed, no place to stand, no place to walk, no place to dance, no place to sit… no table!!! argggghh… and also MANY HANDS FROM NOWHERE STARTED TOUCHING… ah ma de!! my boobs, my butt, my waist… arrgghhh… all kena touched by dont know who… *ARRGGHHH*

then we decided to leave lor… but ken said wanna get AT LEAST some alcohol… so went to 7-11 to buy beer to drink *lame* only the 2 of us, how sad man… around 3am, he sent me home… BUTTTTTTT, the nightmare only started… when his sms came… known him for 2 years… met like only once a year when i back for holidays… then out of a sudden, he confessed last night… i was seriously shocked… something is just not right, which i really didnt expect it to happen… he said he has been waiting for me to come back… hahahaahhaaha… ANOTHER ONE!!! i dont know how these people WAIT while they said they BEEN WAITING but i couldnt feel it… but well, i already no mood for GUYS!! i need to rest, i am tired…

aisskkkzzz… what a new year man… everything started with negative stuffs…

hoping for a better day =)

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Happy new year, eh.

(17:13:43) wheimeng: tmr you comin?
(17:13:52) wheimeng: i mean going
(17:14:08) yuenqi: *so tired*and*don’t know*yet*
(17:14:14) yuenqi: I give you an answer tomorrow morning can?
(17:14:20) wheimeng: then nvm la
(17:14:22) wheimeng: you stay at home

I think Whei Meng was pretty pissed too. >_>

wah.. like that I also want to wait for you lah. hahahaha
just kiddin… thank God I stayed home and watched LOTR.. whew.. if not kena molested, I sure traumatised.

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