Bad Luck…

as i mentioned in the previous entry, my start of this 2006 wasnt good… and it went on badly…

went over to mayvis’s place for fun yesterday, the 4 of us, mayvis, her sis, wayleong and i played monopoly… imagine everyone was already at their 6th round and already collected 6 x 200bucks for finishing each round of the game… while me, the ODD one… only managed to collect ONCE of the 200bucks… why leh? coz i went to the BLARDEE JAIL for 4 times!!! do the maths, and wonder there is still one round less… because… my dice was very consistent, it kept showing 1 or 2 all the time… so my speed was like HYPER-SLOW… *WTF* damn sleepy weik… and everytime when it’s almost near to the ‘go to jail’, i had no choice but to believe that i would be going to the jail again, and it was true!!! *ma de hell nia sing sing* everyone laughed at me… i played with a bunch of IDIOTSSSSSSSSSSS!!

today, went for an interview at seksyen 14, the british american tobacco… yea lar, it’s for ciggie lar, dunhill lor… been asking around how to go, but still dont know how to go at the end… luckily veron willing to bring me there… *yeay* so nice de veron~~~ saw a few lengluiz there, telling myself ‘haihzzz… suan le bah’… and when the person incharge asked me to try on the uniform… again… ‘haiihzzz… suan le bah’…

diet diet diet diet diet diet diet~~~~

after that went to meet up with veron’s friend, sai hoe… this idiot kept teasing me and i only meeting him for the first time… he kept teasing like nobody’s business… =( and in his mind, i am known as ‘cherry farm’ just because that i asked veron to skip his convo to go cherry farm with me… =P then this idiot sai hoe smsed veron after his class with ‘i finished my class edi, let’s go to cherry farm’ WTFFFFFFFFFFF~~ where got cherry farm in malaysia lar!! idiot!!

tomorrow going to class lu~~~~ *scared*

8 replies on “Bad Luck…”

hahahahhahahaha… play lar now…
got so many different types of monopoly games edi… got pokemon somemore!! ahahhaha…

den… you all dai sei one ler… i bought MAYFAIR in the end~~ lalallalalalaaaa~

BAT? kewl… I know that workers there get 2 cartons FOC each month. You may donate Dunhills to me… so I wont quit smoking. FYI, I believe everyone in BAT smokes. People are allowed to smoke in their office, so unless you’re a smoker, you might not enjoy working in the office… oh wait.. you applied for ciggie promoter ka? Hmm.. remember to show us that skimpy outfit you’d be wearing ah..

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