Happy Birthday Pisceans~

HEHE, i am lazy this year, so i am going to make this celebration TOGETHER!! and it’s easier for me… ehehehehe… let’s hooray for the PISCEANS *hooray*… and usually people hate to see us, and they always wanna forget about us or dont want to friend us when it comes to MARCH!! *grinz*

1. Zeno – 3rd march
2. WeiYu – 4th march
3. myself – 12th march
4. ZhanShen – 13th march
5. WeeHong – 18th march

imagine, our gang is just so small… and there are aleady 5 of us, cant blame people for boycotting us though… hahahahaha… but then, they THINK of doing it only, BUT they will never do so, because… WE, PISCEANS ARE JUST TOO CUTE!! =P

anyway, just a brief birthday SPEECH, the same old thing, wishing all of us a very happy birthday with joy and fun… wishing dreams come true, succeed in everything…

and lastly, FRIENDS FOREVER! you know how much i love ya… =) glad that we are still here after so many years of ups and downs… thankx for everything, all the laughters, wars, care, love, sarcasm, support, advices… everything!! and hopefully it will last till… forever… i mean it =) miss ya *muacks*

a pic taken 2 years ago in langkawi… the only pic that i found with MOST pisceans in it, except for weiyu, he is the invisible man most of the time…

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HAHAH… thankiew wor… congrats you for JIU LIAN you also got a job edi ler… =P

MARCH = GOOD MONTH!! ahhahaha… maybe can kena lottery one ar… =P

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