i am jobless… i dont know whether i am happy or i am sad… but at least i know it’s not too bad at all… in fact, i am so angry at my boss!!!!! basically, he didnt fire me… and he doesnt know that i am not working anymore… i am just pissed off by him…

on wednesday’s evening, the shop was really quiet and there were 3 of us in the shop doing nothing while my boss was reading newspaper… and so i thought of leaving early since the shop didnt need 3 people there though… i swear that i asked him NICELY if i could leave earlier… and god knows what’s wrong with him, he asked me ‘i am the boss or you are the boss? if you wanna work then work, dont want then dont work’… WTF!!!! i was so damn angry at this sentence man!!! idiot, cannot mar say cannot lar, what for so rude!! damn!!

from that moment onwards, so many things came to my mind, i kept thinking how to leave him… i was so wanting to leave IMMEDIATELY but too bad that ben hadnt arrived yet, so i stayed in the shop but didnt talk to him at all… the only thing he said to me was to remind that there would be a dinner for all of us on friday night… i only replied with a ‘OH’… nah, i wont be going, as i am no longer one of the employees there… i am not going to see him anymore!! idiot!!

it might be a bad thing if someone is jobless… well, it’s bad to me because that i have no income… on the other hand, it’s a good thing for me as i can have more time to do my revision and then it’s also a good reason for me to leave this bloody 8bucks job… so that i can look for a better job too… which is what i have been waiting for, just that i was tied to this stupid job!! and now… I AM FREE!!!


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hmmmm… maybe i will forgive and forget IF and ONLY IF he was paying me a reasonable wage… and not 8bucks…

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