Woohoooo!! I am flying to Brisbane on 13th October!! FOR FREE!! Yeap, it’s a celebration dinner for us, we have won… Something award, so the whole team of NACC *National Advisers Contact Centre* from all over Australia is flying to Brisbane for the NACC DINNER!! That feels so good after all the hard work *applause*

At first, I thought I wasn’t invited to the dinner, as I am STILL a small lil potato TEMP staff. But yea, my team leader invited us to go too!! Finally I can meet those familiar NAMES that we have seen through the MONITOR, talked to each other through emails or phone calls… And now, we will see them all FACE TO FACE!!

Feeling damn excited… And, we will be watching everyone’s DVD!! Yea, there is a COMPETITION, every state has to FILM their own DVD on a specific topic. The cameraman even flew from Brisbane to every state to do the filming man, GREAT EFFORT!! Well, some funny shitz should happen, as we are all non professional actors/actresses…

Thanks for the dinner, the hotel, the flight, and also some lil time for me to have a taste of the Brisbane AIR… =)

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