When some1 ask for my feeling………

When ericca told me tat i should write about wat i feel in this blog, then 1 question start raising in my mind… come i dun hav a strong feeling about wat happen around me………it is not tat i dunno wats happening around me, i m sure tat i m quite informed…..within days n days thinking at last i got an answer….the reason tat make me got no feeling about all these…….

cxz i found everything in this world is consist of selfishness…………erm dun u think so???try 2 think about why ur fren wanna b fren with u?cxz he is boring, he need a partner, he need some1 to talk 2, he need some1 2 help, tat y we say sometimes we help our frens n our frens will help us also……… can u see the relationship???when the time u helping ur fren, u expect tat in no time ur fren gonna help u back……..every1 does thing with their motive!!ok u may say that u got a best fren, which u guy dun count on each other…..but can u assure that in the future will u guys still tat close?do u think about wats the reason make u guys close to each other, maybe he live nearby u or some other reasons…..every1 juz try to make use of other ppl, do u think u still can keep close to each other when u guys seperated very far????when u r really in deep trouble, do u think they will willing to help u????dun tell when u r sad u r in big trouble!!!!ok!!!those big trouble can be worse………like bankruptcy, do u think any1 will help u????

i taste the sweetness n bitterness of life, y cxz i used to b damn rich n poor, how rich???i got hell lotz of toyz, wat i used r the most expensive, then how bad is it when i m poor???my dad can even pay the road tax!!!and almost bankrupt!!so this is life………..when u r rich every1 comes 2 , when u r bad, every1 away from u, even ur relatives, ur wife all gone………this is life, the truth of life…..


pYy is a detective!!! pYy found the guy who stole his gf hp!

2 months ago me n my gf lost our hp in a restaurant, then 2day i back to the restaurant again to have my tea break…………then when i go to da counter and wanna pay my bill, i saw a hp on the cashier table, is the same model as my gf hp!!but the cover is changed!!!but my 6 sense told me tat this hp belong to my gf!!!so i quickly rush 2 my gf house n get her hp receipt and warranty card!!wats next???ofcxz i back to the restaurant again then i make a take away order then the cashier leave his table go back to the kitchen!!!n theres no ppl there, within any delay i grab the hp on da table n press the imei number and guess!!!the number is same as wat written in my receipt!!!damn……but the cashier deny this hp belong 2 him damn!!!he say is a customer leave it here!!!is a regular customer!!!damn!!who da hell will believe him!!! i call my dad n ask him whether should i report to police , but my dad say nvm la cxz the restaurant is owned by my neighbor, dun make so much trouble, n i say no way this is my gf thing, i hav 2 get it back!!!then finally my dad came n settle everything!!!damn i say wanna report police bcz i 1 2 get my hp back 2!!!damn my dad say nvm la……….aiks, n the fucking cashier call us 2 leave the hp here n wait for the customer come by few days!!!then finally my dad call his fren who is a police n by talking in the phone, the cashier got no choice must return the hp 2 us………….but how about my hp:'(????just wanna call 2 police n threat him 2 return my hp by saying tat if u dun hands up mine, then we gonna make u a report!!!!holly shit!!!but anyway i m smart ass baby, n very thanks 2 my 6 sense, it never be wrong!!!


Final………baby…….time 2 be bookworm

final is the time where i sleep most!!y??bcz whenever i opened my text book i feel like wanna sleep!!!:>> juz dunno y!!!n the lect giv no time for us to study, he only finished the last chap on last week and also finished the last progress test!!!i m so tortured!!!

ok nvm!!after final i will b free!!!can go kai kai with my frens, my gals, go my fren house n hav boyz talk!!!wat boyz talk about???holly shit u will never think about it gals!!!we talk crapz all the time, we share our seccret!!!wat secret???diff sex experience with diff gals but usually juz 1 guy talking n we juz listen cxz he got damn lotz of playmates n we got nothing !!!wahahahha this is the most interesting part!!!then reveal some secret of other ppl, juz like gals talk, then we chat anything…..until we cant stand n sleep then next day go kai kai again this is boyz life ok!!!/????

in holiday i m the one who always being hired as a lightbulb to accompany my fren to go for their 1st date with a gal they like!!!y is me all the time, cxz i got tons of lame jokes n topic 2 share with so they wont feel bored in their 1st dating cxz normally both party r shy!!!but if i m sleep during tat moment!!i will say nothing just stone there!!!hehehehhe!!then transform in2 pig n shows u my sleepy look!!!~~~~

i like holiday!!!baby, holiday can read books!!!then update myself from current news from my frens!!!wat news?not those on newspaper!!are those underground news!!wowowow!!!wats those news???illegal racing(my favor, never ever missed), hacking(this is cool baby), sex party news(is fun 2 listen), and bla bla……ok time up, my tummy say wanna eat so i gotta get out n buy some food!!!
my carlsberg trip!!!c all drunk buggers!!~~
this is my carlsberg trip pic!!c all drunk buggers!cxz we got free beers!!i got the most red color face n ofcxz with a spec wearing a dark blue t-shirt standing where juz right behind a guy wearing light blue shirt!!!the best moment of operating management class!!!wowowo


As ur request……..

88|The lazy gal din post anything for long long time and now she want me to get her horoscope!!!XX( the following briefing is for gals only…… for piscean (same as my fren wo!!dunno whether my fren will c it or not nvm anyway…….)2day go test my new suit looks really nice!!suddenly feel like i m handsome boy wowowoowwo!!!ok stop the crapz here are the post of the day……..ladies n gentleman here we welcome the piscean gal………..:))

若說「女人是水做的」,那他大概指的是雙魚座的女子了。因為,沒有人比她更柔情似水了。「她是個標準的女人」,我相信你也一定會同意i dun angree!!!:P,典型的雙魚女子,根本就是男性夢中情人的化身wahlao!!。即使她不是絕世美女,她的舉手投足也都充滿了女人味。spray more perfume mah also got 女人味……..hehehheh

更重要的是,魚座女子的女人味,絕對不只是外表的假象,她連骨子裡都徹底是個女人。在十二個星座的女子當中,魚座的女人是最沒有統御男人慾望的。她總是用那雙溫柔的眼睛看著妳(“fat hao?”),很認真的聽你說話。不管你是在講道理、還是在吹牛,她都不會潑你冷水,而且她的情緒也隨著你的喜怒哀樂而起伏。

當我心情不好的時侯,我通常不願意找魚座的女友訴苦。雖然她是那麼善解人意,但我實在覺得於心不忍,把自己的壞情緒感染給她。i think the author gf is piscean!!!tats y giv so many compliment!!!:p




雙魚座的女孩很愛幻想,不夠實際。有時侯她會為人生畫下理想藍圖,因而覺得生命充滿希望,雀躍不已。她的情緒常因為一點點風吹草動而起了變化。朋友的遭遇、悲傷的電影,甚至於她的幻想,都可能是影響她情緒的原因。totally agree very emotional!!!!

雙魚座的女人很缺乏自信yeah babe!!agree again,即使她擁有了那麼多的優點,她仍然經常地覺得自己不夠好。她可能覺得自己不夠堅強,不夠有上進心,不夠能幹。她總是愈想愈擔心,愈沮喪。因此,她非常需要你給她鼓勵和安慰。你大聲說話或是一個不耐煩的表情,都可能讓她心碎。更不要說你變心囉!那很可能對她是致命的打擊。魚座女人的心是玻璃做的ping plang broken heart!!:'(,既然她交給了妳,你可得小心呵護才行。


雙魚座的女子幾乎都不怎麼有金錢觀念。你知道嘛!追求浪漫的女孩,多半都不太會打算盤spend all bf money!!ahahha:P,「預算」的觀念;她們或許要在幾次慘痛的經驗之後,才能稍微培養一些。我有魚座的女友,本身工作的收入不怎麼高,嫁得老公也是中等收入的公務員,可是每次我們一起逛街的時侯,她總會忘情的買一些令她「眼睛一亮」的東西。八千塊的的皮鞋,一萬多一條的裙子,往不加思索就帶回家了。回家之後,當然是打折又打折的向老公報價。不過,這種把戲在信用卡帳單寄來的時侯就穿梆了。






雙魚座的女人與「性」(wowoowwo!!!!most interesting part!!open my eyes big big 1st 88|)


她是個混身充滿著敏銳神經的女人,經過短暫的調情就會燃燒起來。本身可以完全沉浸在興奮的情緒中,不會隱藏自己的感受,能夠大膽的提出要求,性愛的快樂可以持續很久。應該是可以讓對方覺得非常愉快的性伴侶。must b very chun in on bed skill????:>>



1. 牡羊座:有時侯他會對妳的情緒不耐煩。而妳總是會因為他的粗心大意而覺得沮喪。

2. 金牛座:他忠實的愛讓妳覺得溫柔而有依靠。但偶的大發雷霆和牛脾氣,妳就必須忍耐一下囉!。

3. 雙子座:跟他在一起,妳可能受傷的機會很大。妳總在擔心自己是否只是他一時的玩伴而已。

4. 巨蟹座:這樣的男人可能是最能給妳安全感的。妳們的情緒總能彼此配合、了解。他也會耐心的培養妳「金錢觀念」。

5. 獅子座:你們星相並不合,但彼此間卻有極大的吸引力。國王般的獅子座男子令妳傾心,而妳的溫柔完全滿足了他男性的虛榮。

6. 處女座:他是個良師益友型的男人,他或許不能配合妳的浪漫,但卻能給妳實際的安慰和幫助。

7. 天秤座:開始的時侯,彼此或許會互相吸引。但是妳幻想在他的理性分析下,會變得荒謬又太情緒化。

8. 天蠍座:他濃烈的情愛完全符合妳起伏洶湧的情緒,是可以轟轟烈烈的愛一場的對象。i also dun 1 piscean gal!!:lalala:

9. 射手座:他是直率而缺乏耐心的。因此,許多時侯你們都完全不配合。或許保持朋友關係會比較理想。

10. 摩羯座:在許多方面你們都能配合的很好,而且有著互補的作用。這是可以成為妳精神支柱的男人。

11. 水瓶座:他會試圖理解妳的喜怒哀樂,但步調上依然難以配合not in same channel lo。妳也無法適應水平座男子的漠然態度。

雙魚座:兩隻魚的搭配,自然「永浴愛河」的機會很大。就怕情緒暗潮洶湧時,兩人會游向相反的方向。dun understand!!??:crazy:

wanna study lo monday is final!!!if u r so damn free n got nth 2 do, pray for me!!no matter which god r u praying to……..hahhahaa


shoppinG day!!

shop the whole day so i got no energy 2 write anytthing but wanna post something!!!here is a brief explanation about scorpio which is my horoscope!!!wowowo!!if u wanna know urs, ask from me yo!!!i got 95% confidence tat is very accurate!!!dun play play oh!!!




天蠍座的男人帶魔鬼般的魅力(now i only knew!!88|),讓你有如被催眠一樣的被他吸引,他忽而熱情如火,忽而冷漠的像冰,如果你跟他挑起戰端,倒楣的準是自己。吵架的時侯,他會口不擇言,每一句話都讓你心碎,你一定會恨死他了(true true!!:>)。可是等他怒火平熄,他彎下腰吻你淌血的心,那種甜蜜又立刻麻碎了所有的疼痛,他就有這種能耐,愛上他,就請準備強壯的心臟坐愛情雲霄飛車吧(na,na,na, life is a rolloercoaster…)!去問問那些曾經為天蠍座男人瘋狂,又為他們心碎的女人。他的魅力究竟在哪裡?我想他們會告訴你——是他的眼神(high voltage!!1000volt&#59;D)。

天蠍座男人有一眼刺穿你的本領。他似乎一眼就看出了你渴望些什麼,害怕些什麼,在他面前你似乎不需要什麼&#21#21578;白和辯解,偽裝是沒有什麼用的。除非你對這個蠍座的男人完全不來電,否則在你的眼光與他交會的剎那,你就註定難逃這場驚心動魄的愛情歷險(wahlao!!so terror??)。

很多深經世故的女人在蠍座男人放肆的眼睛下也會覺得羞愧,就好像是當眾被剝了衣服一樣的感覺(see thru??):))




想要傷害一個蠍座的男人真的很難(who say!!|-|everytime i broke up sure very sad 1 wo!!),因為真的很少有人比他能忍,比他不怕痛。想清楚了嗎?如果想逃,請務必消失的徹底。如果決心守著他,就請你最好心悅臣服,不要引起他任何對你挑釁的意念。


當天蠍座男人專注於某一件事情的時侯,給人一種自信而且堅決的感覺,那種全力投入,勢在必得的表情真的非常迷人。他在面對挫折時的堅強勇敢會讓你覺得驕傲。雖然有時他故意找麻煩的令人討厭(他們多少有些潛在的虐待狂傾向),但是你仍得承認他討厭的很可愛(wat da hell?)。

天蠍座男人的醋勁(ya lo used 2 be tat last time!!now no eyes c lo),也跟他所有其他的情緒一樣的強烈。這一點你可千萬要小心,一旦燃起他嫉妒之火,你恐怕會很難收拾。「星星之火,足以燎原」你總知道吧!不過,他引起你吃醋的機會可能多的不勝枚舉,而你的憤怒、淚水、甚至尋死尋活,恐怕對他起不了什麼作用,在這一方面你除了給他完全的信賴之外,就是讓自己有十足的自信。不過憑良心說,天蠍座的男人都挺有定力的,他誘惑別人很容易,別人想誘惑他恐怕沒有這麼簡單。不要光聽他說的狠話,想想他為你做的一切,其實他對你也挺好的,不是嗎?只是堅持用他的方式愛你罷了!做一個成熟勇敢的女人,你才真的能體會到天蠍座男人的熱情和刺激,無人可比。


天蠍座的男人與「性」(now is the most important part!!!)

在這一方面,蠍座男人有著足以將你溶化的熱情,他的表現方式往往是激烈的。通常蠍座男人總有著足以征服對方的精力。他是追求勝利感的,在這方面也是一樣。如果你的反應冷淡會讓他立刻感覺索然無味。他可能在性愛進行的過程中,冷冷的看著你,不必害羞,更不用害怕。蠍座的男人經常面似冰,心似火(wah lao!!),他只是喜歡欣賞勝利的成果罷了。


天蠍座的父親是個實際的教育家,他愛孩子,卻不會把孩子寵壞,他不會允許小孩欺騙他(當然想騙他也不是容易的事)。他會教育孩子現實生活的法則,幫助孩子獨立。有的蠍座父親會顯得太過嚴苛了一點,雖然這一切都是為孩子好,而且多數時侯孩子長大了都會感激他,但是,你還是應該適時地,委婉的提醒他,除了教育之外,孩子更需要溫暖的父愛。so conclusion i m good daddy la!!!ai…talk so much

ok wanna go bath !!!c ya man!!! final is due next week damn……..


I juz found out something!!!~~~

after reading 2 ericca posts my 6 sense told me tat this gal have crash with some1 but she cant confirm whether the guy like her or not!!!wo babe!!!now is 21st century!!!ok? go infront of him n tell him wat u feel!!!isn’t tat romantic!!!wahahah!!!???:>>go 2 sleep lo good luck!!!


my 1st day in this blogggggg

holly shit juz dun believe this gal let me join her blog cxz i m so strange 2 her!!i means she dun even know me well!!!wahahahh!!but anyway she will b regret of getting me in bcz i m such a crazy fella :>(sure u will agree if u know me well)!!

well this semester really trapped me in2 a very very bad situation!!!oh god!!oh ya 4got to intro myself!!I am 21 years old i think (i m not very sure)!!then my upper part is flat so i m a boy then i m a sharp gals watcher so i got a very pretty spec on my face to help me accomplish my mission B)!!!then…..i m driving a huge big monster car which my dad wanted me 2 do so~~~this car really lame cant move fast and is 2 damn big for me but is good for fetching gals!!CXZ it can fit a lot!!!i like small little car man!!erm, so anything else??ohya i can talk really loud ok!!!the whole street can even hear my voice!!!so when u wanna go bargaining with mafia or something grab me along!!!wahahha!!!then i got lotz of crazy idea in my mind so if u wanna play prank on some1 or wanna hav some fun i m ur best partner!!!but dun even thinking of studying with me ok!!!cxz i dun like 2 read text books and i cant even sit in library for an hour except watching gals lol!!

Something weird about me is i like 2 read history books especially those chinese history book is my favor man!!!but i dun really read comic except la bi xiao xin (shin chan) this guy is really my idol man!!!waahaha cxz in his mind got damn lot of crazy idea and the way he talk is so damn special and he is so damn horny!wahahha!!!basically i just same as him!!wowoowow!!gals will scare of me wahhaha!!although a lot ppl, my dad, my gal, my lecturer, my frens saying that i m very very childish!!!well i got my own approach lo!!!hahahhaha!!!cxz normally i dun really shows up tat i m serious but if u close to me enough then u will c when i m thinking or doing something seriously i will look like 90 years old ah pek!! and this really scare my fren cxz they thought i became another person wahahhaahha!!!possessed by ghost!!oh ya i like to think, thinking a lot of thing, my future, my ambition, other ppl approach, war tactic, philosophy is also my favourite!!!so basically i m a complicated person!!a guys with old school n new school of thoughts!!!so i may get mad 1 day!!!lol:crazy:!!wao is almost 3 am gonna sleep tomolo still got classes baby!!see ya!!so this is my 1st post continue tomolo!!tired man brain cant even turn well!!!